Classic Cuban Soups 
History of Cuban Foods

Cuban cuisine is influenced by Spanish, Portuguese, African, and  Indigenous cultures. Truly, the heart and soul of our food is family and friends enjoying traditional Cuban recipes with one another. White rice, plantains, and beans, are staples of Cuban food. Marinated beef, chicken, and pork cooked in savory and sweet spices are an integral part of the Cuban taste as well. Garlic, green peppers, oregano, cumin, and bay laurel leaves are also used to give food a distinctly Cuban feel and taste.

A Taste of Cuba was started to allow people of all backgrounds to share the flavor of authentic Cuban soups. All four of our soups are cooked to perfection and have the same delicious taste I remember growing up in Cuba.

Try our soups today and enjoy a real Taste of Cuba!

Ana Maria, Founder
A Taste of Cuba






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